Have you ever dreamed of being an actress in movies or television? This NEW Optional Contest will give you an authentic CASTING & AUDITION experience.  Today, the entertainment industry’s leading networks & casting agents are using “screen testing” as a popular method to find talent across the globe & not just in LA or NYC. This Optional Contest will provide you with the screen test experience, as well as content to add to an “audition reel,” which you can use in the future for finding an agent or for submitting for future television and film work.

Each participant will receive:

  • A Spirit of America Point

  • The SCREENTEST Ribbon

  • Experience on an authentic acting screen test audition

  • A digital file of your Screen Test to use for an "audition reel" & submitting for future acting auditions.

The winner will receive a $250 cash prize*, trophy, & Invite to Nationals in Hollywood, CA. The 4 Runner-Ups will receive trophies & invites to Nationals.

*2 Screentest contestants in age group are required for winner to receive $250 cash prize

$150/entry. Limit 2 entries. Open to all Age Groups.