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Extra (& Helpful) Pageant Resources

to excel at your National American Miss State Pageant

National American Miss Wisconsin Pageant

Hair, Makeup, Gowns, & more

Looking for someone to do your Hair and/or makeup at the pageant (PS - this is not required and many girls/moms do it themselves). Curious where to find "pageant gowns"? (PS - prom dresses & flower girl dresses totally work). Click the link below to find valuable resource like these, & more!  These amazing business are our Official Prize Sponsors, and will be awarding our new state queens some epic prizes. However, they are also great resources to better help you prepare for your State Pageant....and help you go from mess to success! 

National American Miss Missouri Pageant

Automatically advance to Internationals in Orlando!

Did you know you can advance to Internationals JUST be participating in 5 Premium Optionals? Learn more about how you can earn the "Spirit of Pageantry" award and be on your way to Orlando!

National American Miss Oklahoma Pageant

Affordable Wardrobe in one click!

Did you know that your State Director, Breanne Ewing, is a fashion industry expert and has produced FASHION WEEK, styled for celebrities, and even been featured in magazines!

Breanne has taken the leg work out of shopping  and sourced pageant outfits, resources, & must- haves to make your pageant experiences AFFORDABLE & STRESS-FREE

Step up your Prep Game

Want to REALLY get serious about practicing & preparing? Experienced pageant girls find that the MOST RESOURCEFUL tool to learn from and improve upon is by watching the video's from LAST YEAR'S State Pageant! 

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