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National American Miss Pageant Training Class

Final Deadline Information:

While your deadline date is provided in a number of your weekly e-mails, we have provided it below, as well:

Deadline's to have this submitted by:

  • Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, & Wyoming: MONDAY April 29, 2024

  • Oklahoma & Arkansas: MONDAY May 6, 2024

  • Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South DakotaMissouri & Kansas: MONDAY May 13, 2024

  • Arizona, California, Nevada: MONDAY MAY 27, 2024 (MEMORIAL DAY)

  • Minnesota & Wisconsin: MONDAY June 17, 2024

By the deadline date listed above for your state, you are required to have the following items submitted to our state pageant office!

Each contestant will be featured in the state pageant yearbook with her name, photo, and listing of her sponsors. The yearbook acts as a souvenir of her experience, as well as gives her sponsors the opportunity to be recognized. Each contestant receives 1 complimentary yearbook. Additional ones can be purchased at the pageant. In order for your photo and sponsors to appear in the yearbook, you will need to submit this info by the deadline.  NEW: also, the photo you submit for the yearbook will be used for the "People's Choice Award." Click below to see examples of the yearbook & to submit the neccesary information:



To guarantee your spot in an Optional Contest, you will need to sign up for them by the deadline, so that we can plan accordingly for time. To reserve your spot in any Premium Optional, email us at, including the contestants name, state, age division, and what optionals you want to participate in OR call/text us at 402-881-8744. You do not have to pay for them now. You will pay at your State Pageant Check-In. For more details on the optional contests, click the link below.

The remainder of any of your payments will need to be paid at Pageant Check-In, or anytime prior. You can pay in cash, credit, debit, applepay, or money order. However, no checks will be accepted  after your deadline date. If you or your sponsors would like to may any payments online, they can go here:



The Optional Spotlight Program is a wonderful opportunity for our contestants to be Spotlighted by those that love her the most (friends, family, local businesses, community, etc.) Through participation in this optional contest, girls will be spotlighted in print (in our State Yearbook), on stage (during the Spotlight Ceremony), and with great awards like trophies, crowns, free hotel nights. Spotlight entries, payment, & selection of any premium prizes earned need to be submitted by the Deadline. For details on the Spotlight Program, refer to the Optional Spotlight Guide by clicking here:


You are not required to stay at the host pageant hotel. However, if you choose to, you and your guests have the opportunity to receive a special discounted rate on your hotel room during the state pageant. Wherever you decide to stay, WE RECOMMEND MAKING YOUR HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It is not uncommon for other events and activities to take place in the host city/hotel as the pageant, which leads to hotels in the area selling out AND/OR increasing in price. In order to have the best opportunity at receiving the discounted rate at the host hotel, you will need to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible, and by the FINAL DEADLINE, at the latest date. National American Miss does NOT provide nor coordinate lodging for contestants and/or their families. In order to make your hotel reservation and receive the discounted rate, you can call the hotel directly and let them know you are with National American Miss. OR, an easier option, is to click the link below and book online. If you wait to make your hotel reservation until AFTER the Final Deadline, you will not be able to receive the discounted hotel rate AND you may/OR be unable to reserve a room at all, as the hotel could sell out. 

TIP: The tentative schedule is helpful in deciding what nights to stay at the hotel. Click for tentative schedule.

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