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OPEN CALL: Information Session & Audition

WHAT TO EXPECT: During your Open Call experience, each applicant and her family will take part in a 1 hour information session to learn more about the program. Above is a  copy of the presentation slides that will be given during the information session, along with the presenters script. In addition, you will also be given the "Official Pageant Guidebook" while at your Open Call. The guidebook provides the exact same information that is covered during the Open Call information session, just in a different format. This guidebook also enable you to take the information given at the Open Call home with you, to refer back to. :)


In addition to the information session, each applicant will be participating in the audition (also known as the "selection process") to determine if she meets our qualifications for participation. The audition consists of 3 things: each applicant will take part in the complete a written application, introduce herself in front of the audience, and go on a one-on-one interview with a member of our team.  Please either contact our office within 48 hours of your Open Call  at and/or speak with a Team Manager upon arrival at the physical Open Call, so that we can work with your family to provide reasonable modifications for the audition.

IMPORTANT: If you/your daughter are selected from the Open Call to move on and participate in this year's State Pageant, you will be notified within 24 hours of your Open Call via text and e-mail. If she is selected, it is your responsibility to take the following steps:

1. CONTACT US: Immediately e-mail our office at with the contestants name and state, letting our office know IN WRITING that either the contestant or parent/guardian has a hearing disability.

2. PLAN ACCORDINGLY: National American Miss does not provide interpreters. However, if you/your daughter are selected to participate, we will provide reasonable accommodations by providing you with the following items:

  • $300 off your sponsor fee (to help you in finding/hiring an interpreter that you family is comfortable with, if you choose to do so)

  • 3 complimentary tickets to the Final Show during Pageant Weekend (value of $75)

  • Front row seats during the Final Show for your family, including a dedicated seat for an interpreter during the Final Show.

  • A copy of all competition scripts for all on-stage competitions held during the State Pageant will be provided at Pageant Check-In during Pageant Weekend.

  • A copy of presentation slides & presenters notes and/or script will be provided during the Pageant Prep Training Session

  • A Pageant Workbook, including QR codes, that take you to dedicated web pages containing written information, which will be provided during the Pageant Prep Training Session

  • Access to the State Pageant Website: for written competition & event information & details.

  • Access to a Pageant Office Representative for Text and E-mail correspondence to assist in preparing for the competition and to answer any questions. E-mail is Text is 402-881-8744

PAGEANT PREP:  Training Session

WHAT TO EXPECT: If from the Open Call, she is selected to participate, she will be able to attend a Pageant Prep Training Session, where our team will provide participants with tips, tricks, and information to help them feel more prepared for the Pageant Competition. Please check the flyer found in your Pageant Guidebook, given at the Open Call or at for info on the Pageant Prep.


To assist you with the Pageant Prep Training, please click the link above to find a copy of the Presenter's slides & the presenter's notes, you will also be given the "Pageant Workbook" during your prep. The workbook acts as both an itinerary of the Pageant Prep and it contains QR codes that will take you the exact page of this website that will provide the text version of everything that is reviewed today. This way, you will be able to receive the EXACT same information, and have it to refer back to when you go home :)

Also, the guidebook you previously received AND this website is an additional valuable resource, as it gives you all the pageant information, so you are prepared :)


WHAT TO EXPECT: Every girl who is selected will participate in the State Pageant. For your State Pageant Dates & Locations, check out either the Flyer given to you at the Open Call or HERE .This 3 day event is filled with lots of activities, rehearsals, and competitions. For a look a the Tentative Schedule, click here.  Prior to attending, please have carefully reviewed the pageant guidebook (given at the Open Call), the Pageant Workbook & the accompanying QR codes in the workbook (given at the Pageant Prep), as well as this website so that you are prepared for all elements of both competition and Pageant Weekend, itself. 


Upon arrival at Pageant Check-In, please speak with your State Director, Breanne Ewing for a copy of the pageant scripts, to work together to create a plan for any possible reasonable modifications that may need to be made for the contestant during competitions, as well as to receive your 3 complimentary Final Show Tickets, and to verify seating for your family & your interpreter for the Final Show (all other pageant competitions and events are open seating).


The $300 Off your Sponsor Fee will be applied to your Pageant Account upon your attending the Pageant Prep. Your Pageant Account (where all payments and items added to your order) can be viewed at  Should you find any discrepancies on your Pageant Account, please contact our office at or by text at 402-881-8744 within 48 hours of your State Pageant.

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