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Greetings NAM State Finalist:


Your Pageant is quickly approaching & we look forward to seeing you Sparkle on Stage! Included below are 10 IMPORTANT ITEMS for you to review prior to arriving at your State Pageant, so that you arrive fully prepared! These 10 items are your "FINAL DETAILS!"

1. Final Schedule:

This includes detailed information on each event such as time, attire, location, etc. 

Ages 4-6

*Age group is determined by contestant's age as of Jan 1 of Pageant Year

Ages 7-9

*Age group determined by contestant's age as of Jan 1 of Pageant Year

Ages 10-12

*Age group determined by contestant's age as of Jan 1 of Pageant Year

Ages 13-15

*Age group determined by contestant's age as of Jan 1 of Pageant Year

Ages 16-18

*Age group determined by contestant's age as of Jan 1 of Pageant Year

Ages 19-24

*Age group determined by contestant's age as of Jan 1 of Pageant Year

2. Hotel Map:

To better acquaint you with the host pageant hotel, we have provided a map of the meeting space area we will be using for the Pageant events.

3. Your Pageant Statement:

This statement reflects your order, payments already made to us, as well as the balance that is due. This balance will need to be paid in full at Pageant Check-In with cash, credit, debit or money order. NO CHECKS. You will see in your order: your Sponsor Fee, Production Number Outfit, Optional Contests, & any other miscellaneous items that you have ordered. Remember, if you choose NOT to participate in an Optional Contest, you may notify us at Check-In and we will remove it from your order. Also, at Pageant Check-In, you will be responsible for payment for any additional Final Show Tickets, Roses or Contestant Fan Club Button if you have not done so already. If you find an error in your statement, please E-MAIL prior to your State Pageant.

4. Your Pageant Paperwork:

These forms should be completed & printed out prior to Pageant Check-In. You will turn these in at Pageant Check-In. If you do not have access to a printer, I would plan to arrive at the host pageant hotel early to have plenty of time to print these out in the business center. You can also always try places like Kinkos, UPS and Fedex Print Service office, family, friends, or workplace printers.

5. People's Choice Competition presented by Georgina Vaughan Photography is OPEN TO VOTING:

You could win a VIP Fashion Photoshoot weekend in Las Vegas! Share this link: with your family, friends, and on social media to gain their votes & become the next People's Choice Winner for your state! 

-Voting closes at 10pm on Thursday, August 4 for Junior Divisions: Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen & Pre-Teen 

-Voting closes at 10pm on Friday, August 5 for  Senior Divisions: Jr. Teen, Teen, & Miss

For competition rules, details, and to vote:

6. Checklists:

Arrive at your first event, Pageant Check-In, prepared thanks to this checklist! 

Use this packing checklist, so you arrive at your pageant with all the outfits your need! 

7. Personal Letter from State Director:

With over 25 years in this industry, I want to share some helpful advice for Pageant Weekend.

8. PRE-ORDER Professional Pageant Photos & Videos:

At your state pageant, we will have a professional pageant photographer & videographer capturing on-stage competitions. Video recording, on any device (including your cell phones and tablets), is not allowed during any competition. 

Photo & video packages will be available for purchase at the State Pageant, but you can PRE-ORDER HERE:

10. Note About Microphones:

While we slowly adjust from Covid and back to "normal,"  we want to continue to keep our contestants safe. With this in mind, we have made the following decisions regarding microphones:

  • Required Personal Introduction Competition: Microphone will be handheld (not on a stand as previously modified to during covid).

  • Optional Talent Contest: Headset mic will NOT be available. Cordless microphone will be available as handheld or on a stand.

  • Optional Spokesmodel Contest: Microphone will be at podium, per usual.

9. NEW Stage footprint:

We are so excited to reveal that to celebrate our 20 year anniversary, your pageant stage will have a new footprint, with a runway off the stage (similar to our national pageant). You might wonder how this will effect competitions. It will NOT effect any competitions and all set walking patterns that have already been provided to you will remain the same. So, you do not need to change anything from what you have already practiced. However, if you are competing in the optional casual wear modeling competition, you will be allowed to use the runway, if you would like (you do not have to), as this is the only competition that is free-style and allows the contestant to use the stage to model her outfit, as she wishes.


See ya, soon!

Breanne Ewing

Executive State Director

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